Popelin: white fabric, very light, recommended for very hot weathers. Composition: 67% polyester, 33% cotton. Washable./span>

Lanilla : ivory-white color, heavier than popelin. Both are commonly used to make albs and altar clothes. Composition: 55% polyester, 45% cotton. Washable.

Stamen: light fabric. Composition: 55% polyester, 45% wool. Washable.

Satin: plane fabric, used to make chasubles and society banners.

Damask: elegant and light fabric, with different designs. Composition: 100% natural fabric, which enhances very much the look of the chasubles. Dry cleaning.

Tissue: rayon fabric of great splendor, mixed with gold and silver threads. Dry cleaning.

Brocade: With gold and silver threads, basically used for making Palliums and cloaks.

Velvet: used in the confection of society banners and cloaks. 100% cotton. Dry cleaning.

Stripes: great variety of designs and colors combined with different fabrics in the confections of chasubles, capes, robes, humeral, veils and lectern hangings. Dry cleaning.


Hand made embroidery: made by specialist with silver and gold threads, and silks of different colors. Ideal for important clothes of great presence.

Machine embroidery: made in special machines, excellent results at a better price.

We also offer you the possibility to combine both techniques using machine-hand embroidery.


We transform old embroideries into new fabrics. We can restore embroidering parts using the very same materials or the ones that better adapt to the piece.