produccion de muebles liturgicos

Electronic Lamps

Belloso has been pioneer offering the device that has replaced traditional candles. Nowadays we use diodes “leds” as an option to the classical filament lamp. It last much longer and it lightness is less intense. We have different sizes and styles.

Special Orders

In all our sections we can undertake any kind of work following the suggestions and directions on materials and size given by our customers.

Technical Products

Belloso distributes selected products to its customers:

Liturgical Organs Viscount: with technical support all over the country and a 12 months warranty.

Megaphones: portable autonomous amplifiers, several potencies, wireless micros, among others.

FONESTAR Products: distributed by Belloso through many years giving customers great results, technical support and good service.

Software programs for Parishes: we have created the first software for Parishes, in 1996. Today we offer you an open, easier and updated version of this program.