produccion imagineria


We use birch tree for the majority of our images, but we can also caver in Cedar, if that is the customer’s choice. Cedar is a very resistant wood for areas of high humidity and temperatures.

The finished of our images may be polished or polychromatic. We take every image to it’s perfect finishing using different stains and the antique techniques of color, that combine plaster and gold covers with long hours of dedicated work.

We can also reproduce any image based on pictures and suggestions of our customers.

Wood Paste

This material is traditionally used in the production of religious images, of course it’s cheaper, however more fragile than wood. We offer you many models and kinds of decoration.

Natural or Artifficial Stones for Outdoors

We offer you ideal solutions for cloisters, cemeteries and niches in the open.


We restore images in both wood and wood paste.